Terms & Conditions

  1. There are no hard and fast rules to the group, however rank stays at the door! There is no rank structure within SAFVBC, we are all veterans.
  2. While serving in the Armed Forces, although allowed personal political views we were not allowed to express them; it also applies here; your politics/religion are your own business.
  3. Former members/serving members of any Armed Forces or uniformed services, or association with such, should be clear & honest about this when applying to join the group. Those impersonating veterans (‘Walts’) please be warned; if suspicious, we will ask you to provide proof of service. However, please do not be offended if you are asked to provide proof of service when attending your first breakfast gathering with us.
  4. Family members/Non-veterans attending the club are welcome to make suggestions, but their status will remain that of a ‘guest’ when it comes to ‘policy’ of the group. The group is exclusively for veterans & serving personnel of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces & her allies; civilians/non-veterans will not be consulted or influence decisions effecting the group.
  5. PLEASE NOTE; the nature of military service involves ‘black humour’ resulting in some Facebook posts which are not ‘politically correct’. As this is a family group, we ask that members do not post inappropriate pictures/posts on our Facebook page. These include any posts of a sexual, sexist, racist or homophobic nature. Any pictures or posts deemed inappropriate will be deleted without notice. Offensive/sexist pictures/posts have no place on our wall. Whilst many will appreciate your humour some may not. Persistent offenders may be removed from the Facebook page.
  6. Should you find anything overtly offensive, or seriously prejudicial i.e. in your opinion not fitting the spirit of ‘black humour’ &/or, for example, bullying or demeaning to yourself or another member, it should be brought to the attention of an admin. If you are unsatisfied with their response, there are other admins you can speak to.
  7. We will not tolerate the prejudicial treatment of different categories of people on the grounds of race, age, sex, physical or mental illness/disability. Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated, & anyone bullying or harassing others may be deleted, blocked & excluded.
  8. Please make yourself familiar with the files in our Facebook group via the files tab, located on the left, 9th row beneath our club’s name. The files contain lots of useful information such as links to military support networks and SAFVBC diary of events.
  9. As our Facebook group is a closed group, only members of the Facebook group can see what is posted on the page. If you try to share something from our Facebook page, only your friends that are already members of our Facebook group will be able to see what you have shared. Anyone else will just see ‘Attachment Unavailable’.
  10. Please feel free to add your Veteran/serving friends to the group, but please drop one of the admins a note confirming their service, so we can approve them without delay. You also need to refer your friend/s to our online membership form on this website. Family members are more than welcome to our breakfast meetings, accompanied by a Veteran or serving member of HMF.
  11. If you find that you have an issue with anything within the group or a complaint, please do not hesitate to contact one of the administrators.
  12. The Admin team reserve the right to cancel membership to SAFVBC.

We look forward to meeting you all.

The Admin Team.